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Celtic chairman promises an end to player strikes

Bloemfontein Celtic reserve team coach Abram Nteo says chairman Max Tshabalala has promised financial stability in 2019/20 in order to end a repeat of player strikes.

Last season Celtic were wracked by strikes owing to reported late paying of wages to players as well as other staff at the club.

Nonetheless, Nteo says the situation has stabilised following the sale of key players in order to ensure there is money in the coffers.

He said: "The team didn't have a good pre-season because of challenges the team had, we opened late. There's nothing we could do, it was issues we couldn't control.

"The situation is stable now, we managed to sell players but we do still need a sponsorship. If we can get it, things will be better.

"We are hoping in this MDC we can promote top players we will be able to sell so the club gets some financial boost in return."

"The chairman has promised that there won't be strikes and players have promised to fight for the club."