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Cape Town City take aim at PSL prosecutor after Makola's hefty ban

Cape Town City has taken aim at PSL prosecutor Nande Becker after their player, Mpho Makola, was banned for six months after the league's disciplinary committee found him guilty of shoving a match official.

According to a statement released by the club on Friday, Makola was "emotionally and intellectually" badgered at the hearing which was held in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The Citizens also claim that there was a "clear premeditated intention" to define Makola's character during the hearing.

Read part of Cape Town City's statement below:

It is with sadness and concern that the club learns of the sentencing of Mpho Makola. The decision was reached after a hearing that lasted over three hours late last night in Johannesburg.

The decision by the disciplinary committee, led by prosecutor Nande Becker finds Mpho guilty of assaulting a referee and has imposed a ban of 6 months.

The premeditated aggressive nature of the proceeding was as harmful as the decision to ban Mpho for 6 months.

The PSL prosecutor continued to emotionally and intellectually badger Mpho, who was determined to handle the proceeding without legal representation in an attempt to show that he was not there to fight his innocence, but rather to show unwavering remorse.

Mpho was taken advantage of. It got to the point where the hearing had to be stopped completely so that a level of humanity and sanity could be expressed to the league’s prosecutor Nande Becker in relation to his treatment towards Mpho, which was as aggressive as it was unnecessary to the technical proceedings.

There was a clear premeditated intention from Nande Becker to ensure that a 12 month ban and R250k fine was placed on Mpho personally.

There was also a clear premeditated intention to define Mpho's character and lack of remorse despite the facts which obviously display the complete opposite.