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Ekstein - 'I am ready for a new team'

Hendrick 'Pule' Ekstein says he is 'ready for a new team' after his contract with Kaizer Chiefs was terminated.

Ekstein is keeping himself fit with the help of a personal trainer but can confirm he has not yet been approached by any clubs.

The 28-year-old midfielder has been linked with a possible overseas move to Azerbaijan Champions League club Qarabag.

“The situation hasn’t changed from the last time as I haven’t signed with any club,” Ekstein told KickOff.

The crowd-favourite confirmed that he is working with a personal trainer in the meantime as he is getting himself ready for his next club.

“I have my personal trainer that I am working with. I have been with him for some time. He is helping me a lot. I am ready (for a new team),” he added.