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Mabunda getting creative to keep fit

Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder Tiyani Mabunda says he is doing what ever it takes to maintain his fitness while under lockdown.

With all sporting activities suspended and all players sequestered in their homes, Mabunda admits it is a challenge to find space to work in.

But the 31-year-old former Black Leopards midfielder says that is no excuse and every player must find creative ways to complete their individual training programmes supplied by their clubs.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Mabunda explained: "I don't have a football pitch. It's just a garden that I use for ball-work. But it's something I could invest in now that I have seen how hard it's been.

"I shift a lot of things around the house... the tables, the couches and the chairs to make space in the living room."

He continued: "You just have to improvise, everything that you have around the house; you must make sure it works for your programme."

Mabunda also stressed the importance of keeping a strong frame of mind, adding: "The most important part is the mind you; you need to remain focused and be mentally fit. We've been given a programme as players by the clubs, we need to follow that."