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Ndlovu aims to always improve as team manager at Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns team manager Peter Ndlovu says his goal is to constantly improve and to not rely on past successes, as his present actions are more important.

Ndlovu famously became the first African to play in the Premier League in 1992, and also scored a hat-trick for Coventry City against Liverpool at Anfield three years later.

However, he avoids reminiscing about past glory and remains determined to perform his managerial duties at Masandawana to the best of his abilities while always searching for better methods.

Ndlovu signed for Sundowns in 2004 and spent four seasons with the club. He retired from football in 2011.

"Sundowns has been my home for a long time, I have probably been here longer than everyone. They looked after me as a player and I think it was easy to have a look at my future and decide to come into management," the 47-year-old told the club's website.

"One of the things I used to do during my playing days was manage players, help them out and do things that help them. Myself, Brian [Baloyi] and other senior players used to try and do that.

"So when I was asked to be the team manager, although it's a different ball game, I took what I learnt. Of course things change and so does management, and you have to upgrade and update every time.

"The challenge is that you must never use what's in the past when there's a new system, and by that I mean I should never speak about my achievements then [as a player].

"It's what I do now that's important, because you are not judged on what you've done but [on] what you are doing. It's a big challenge. You have to respect the players and be there for them and make sure that you manage and understand them.

"When you have respect from the players then it becomes a two-way street. I also get help from a lot of people at the club, who are around me and make my job easier."